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Unjammable GPS system successfully tested on DeltaQuad VTOL UAV

With global tensions rising, the demand for aerial intelligence platforms has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, most commercial platforms are no match for the latest jamming technology, having their GPS and communication links jammed even before they are able to take off. In the last few months, the R&D team at DeltaQuad has successfully integrated one of […]

Transport Canada approves DeltaQuad Pro for advanced drone operations

Another milestone for the DeltaQuad; Today we received the confirmation from Transport Canada that all DeltaQuad vehicles have been approved for the RPAS Safety Assurance declaration. This means all of the DeltaQuad Pro vehicles are now eligible for advanced drone operations and pilots in Canada can now apply for BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) […]

DeltaQuad VTOL first to support the new MicaSense RedEdge P and Altum PT multispectral cameras.

Vertical Technologies releases the MicaSense RedEdge P and Altum-PT on the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP. Vertical Technologies has successfully integrated the new MicaSense RedEdge P and Altum-PT on the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP VTOL UAV. This release enables the DeltaQuad Pro to carry the next generation of sensors from our partner MicaSense.  The MicaSense RedEdge P is […]

DeltaQuad and Agrowing sign partnership for high resolution multispectral mapping on the DeltaQuad VTOL UAV

Badhoevedorp, the Netherlands and Rishon LeZion, Israel  – Vertical Technologies, a global provider of advanced VTOL UAV systems, and Agrowing Ltd. the provider of award-winning dual-purpose AI-enabling high-resolution multispectral sensors, announced that they have entered into a partnership to introduce […]

DeltaQuad Pro First VTOL With Autonomous Object Following

In a previous post we talked about how we released the DeltaQuad Controller. A hand-held integrated remote control with impressive features. In this post we go further in-depth about the implications of this controller and one of it’s most important features: automatic object following. Up to 50KM HD video range Using the latest innovations in […]

DeltaQuad introduces the DeltaQuad Controller

After several months of R&D based on years of customer feedback, and the latest innovations in the field of data transmissions and UAV control, Vertical Technologies is proud to introduce the DeltaQuad Controller. The DeltaQuad Controller is an integrated UAV data link and remote control solution that leverages the latest innovations based on D2D technology. […]

DeltaQuad PRO makes 3D model of UNESCO World Heritage Site Uruk

The DeltaQuad was involved with an archaeological project where the mission was to present a large-scale and detailed 3D model of the ancient city of Uruk – a famous archaeological site and since 2016 recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Aviant performs longest ever drone flight in Norway with the DeltaQuad Pro

Last week the DeltaQuad Pro set records in Norway, as Aviant – a start-up that operates drones for medical transportation – succeeded in transporting blood samples between two Norwegian hospitals that are over 120KM apart

UN chooses DeltaQuad Pro platforms to perform safety missions in Central African Republic

We are proud to present that the United Nations chose the DeltaQuad Pro to perform safety missions in the Central African Republic. This is an important milestone for DeltaQuad as it confirms that our VTOL UAV’s…

Skyqraft performs BVLOS powerline inspection over a city using VTOL UAVs

Skyqraft, a data-driven infrastructure inspection company from Sweden, was granted BVLOS operation permission for the DeltaQuad VTOL UAV, to inspect a large portion of the Swedish power grid. Flying fully autonomous from takeoff to landing…

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