A comparison of fixed-wing mapping drones

Comparing all aspects of a technical product can be difficult and time-consuming. This comparison goes into great detail to provide organizations with the necessary information to be able to make a decision on which mapping drone best suits their needs.

In order to provide prospective mapping drone owners with full transparency, we  organized all specifications of leading mapping drones in this comparison and data-sheet. To learn about how we acquired this data, please see the sources at the bottom of this page.

The platforms included in this comparison are:

  • The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP by Vertical Technologies

  • The WingtraOne by Wingtra

  • The Trinity F90+ by Quantum Systems

  • The Marlyn by AtmosUAV

  • The eBee X by SenseFly

In the first section, you will find a quick overview of the most critical aspects relevant to any mapping or surveying solution. In the second part, we highlight 3 key differentatiors. After this section you will find a full list comparing every known and relevant specification. Finally, the analysis includes a list of sources and references so that you may verify the objectivity of this comparison.


Quick rundown of fixed-wing mapping drones

A quick rundown of the most critical aspects of the leading mapping UAV platforms on the market today.

DeltaQuad Pro #MAP WingtraOne Trinity F90+ Marlyn eBee X
Product image
Max. flight time At sea level with camera payload 110 minutes 59 minutes 90 minutes 50 minutes 60/90 minutes
Coverage at 3cm/px The coverage is calculated by multiplying the maximum flight distance by the maximum camera resolution. It is based on 3CM per pixel with an overlap of 50% 1200HA 450HA 800HA 360HA 220HA/500HA
Precision <1CM <1CM 2-5CM <1CM >3CM
Control range 10KM/30KM/50KM/Unlimited 10KM 7KM 7KM/20KM 8KM
Max resolution 61 Megapixel 42 Megapixel 42 Megapixel 42 Megapixel 24 Megapixel
Live video Displays a live HD video stream of the mapping camera during flight on the Ground Control Station.

This feature is usefull to verify the camera payload is functioning and set correctly
Swappable payloads
Comparative package price To compare pricing a package was selected for each model that most closely resembles:

- 42MP camera
- 1CM PPK (if available)
- 2 Batteries
- Standard radio solution
- Ground Control Station (if available)

Prices of the comparative packages were last updated in May 2021. Prices of competing fixed-wing mapping drone suppliers are subject to change and we can not guarantee the validity of the prices listed here. When in doubt, make sure to double check pricing with the listed suppliers.
42MP: € 19.593,00
61MP: € 20.993,00
42MP: € 29.600,00 42MP: € 21.990,00 42MP: € 29.450,00 24MP: € 22.550,00

Three key differentiators

A quick rundown of the most critical aspects of fixed-wing mapping drone platforms on the market today.

1. Maximum surveying area in Hectares

The maximum area that can be mapped in a single flight is determined by several factors such as camera resolution, cruise speed, endurance, and lens options. This comparison is based on the highest resolution offered for each platform, combined with the maximum flight distance.

The values have been calculated based on 3cm per pixel resolution and a 50% image overlap.

DeltaQuad Pro #MAP 1200Ha
Trinity F90+ 800Ha
eBee X 500Ha
WingtraOne 450Ha
Marlyn 360Ha

2. Maximum image resolution

The maximum image resolution is an important factor for a fixed-wing mapping UAV.
A higher resolution allows:

– Covering larger areas 
– Flying at higher altitudes for safety and efficiency
– Producing higher resolution end results
– Better post-processing performance with more accuracy

DeltaQuad Pro #MAP 61 Megapixel
Marlyn 42 megapixel
WingtraOne 42 Megapixel
Trinity F90+ 42 Megapixel
eBee X 24 Megapixel

3. Maximum flight time

The maximum flight time for fixed-wing mapping drones depends on the altitude above sea level. As the altitude increases, the UAVs need to fly faster due to a lower air density. However, the lower air density also provides less drag, therefor in most cases the maximum flight distance remains the same at all altitudes.

The indicated maximum flight times are at sea level.

DeltaQuad Pro #MAP 110 Minutes
Trinity F90+ 90 Minutes
eBee X 90 Minutes
WingtraOne 59 Minutes
Marlyn 50 Minutes

Visit our product page to learn more about the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP.



The data in this comparison has been carefully verified across multiple sources. Should you find any inconsistency, please feel free to contact us.
No rights can be derived from this data.


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