A new standard is rising

Inspired by our customers’ needs and based on innovative technology, the DeltaQuad Evo marks the dawn of a new era of eVTOL UAVs.

Flight time and range

Breaking the limitations

The Evo platform is breaking the limitations of eVTOL UAV flight time and range. Equipped with a dual battery, the Evo has been tested to fly for up to 4.5 hours. This performance sits at the top of the electric drone market.

Paired with unique radio and LTE VPN connection possibilities of the DeltaQuad controller, the Evo model is strikingly powered for any flying mission.


  • Aerospace grade airframe The Evo is built from carbon, kevlar and fibreglass material. This provides an extremely robust, lightweight airframe that will last for years, even in the harshest conditions.
  • Enhanced endurance The Evo can carry a single payload for up to 4.5 hours using a dual battery or a double payload for up to 3 hours.
  • Dual payload The Evo is equipped with two fully integrated payload slots. They can be used to carry two sensors simultaneously, a single large payload, or to achieve extreme flight times with a second battery.
  • Military standards The Evo is a multi purpose platform that complies with military standards. It features several military options to ruggedize and protect data while providing diverse aerial intelligence.
  • Retractable landing gear The Evo automatically extends and retracts the landing gear. This allows a diverse set of payloads to be installed both inside and underneath the platform.
  • Self maintenance The Evo is designed to be modular and easy to self maintain. The motor arms are swappable, and a maintenance kit can be installed by any operator without the need to return it to the factory.
  • Swappable payloads The Evo allows plug&play installation of an extensive range of payloads that can be swapped in the field without any tools. The Evo updates automatically to be compatible with future payloads.
  • Open design The Evo comes with everything required to design and integrate your own payload. The required 3D models are freely available, and payload connectors are offered at a low cost.

Swappable dual payload

Incredible flexibility

The DeltaQuad Evo is setting a new standard in payload flexibility by incorporating two universal payload bays.

The bays can be used to combine and simultaneously operate multiple payloads. The dual sensor capability opens new possibilities both in enterprise and military configurations.

The Evo can carry up to 3kg of payloads of your choice - anything from ISR to mapping and multispectral to lidar.

Since the payloads can be swapped instantly and without any tools, the Evo is a future-proof solution with low total costs of ownership for any business.

Single and double payloads

The Evo comes with the option of integrating up to two single or one double payload. Double payloads use both payload slots and thus allow physically larger or heavier payloads to be installed. Single payloads can be flown individually, paired with another single sensor, or combined with an additional battery for extended endurance.

The Evo is equipped with a unique self-balancing system allowing the vehicle to fly efficiently in any configuration. This provides a spectacular range of possibilities and applications - more varied data, power, and value from every flight.

Innovative design

Ultimate efficiency

The DeltaQuad Evo is designed with the latest insights in aerodynamics.
The new patent pending wing shape is derived from nature - its design is what makes the Evo strikingly efficient and maneuverable.
Each platform is produced in Europe with the highest quality composites. The main body is based on fiberglass, providing a low radar footprint. Carbon is applied for added strength, and kevlar is added for impact resistance.
The automatically retractable landing gear allows payloads to be mounted underneath the UAV and adds to the overall impressive reliability and efficiency of the Evo.

Powered by Auterion

Real-time data delivery and AI

The DeltaQuad Evo runs Auterion OS, a leading software platform for drones.

For the best operation experience, it provides an intuitive user interface, real-time data delivery, and on board apps and AI.

Auterion OS operates on Skynode™, an advanced avionics module, which connects the DeltaQuad Evo to the Auterion Suite in the cloud.

It ensures effortless mission planning as well as flight and sensor control. Fleet management, predictive maintenance, and compliance reporting are all taken care of.

Key platform specifications

During the public beta stage, the platform specifications are provisional and subject to change. Performance will vary depending on payload, weather conditions and altitude.



  • Wingspan
    269 cm
  • Payload bay
    20 x 20 x 11 cm


  • Airframe weight excluding batteries
    4.8 kg
  • Maximum takeoff weight
    10 kg

Single battery performance

  • Maximum flight time
    3 hours
  • Maximum flight range
    170 km
  • Payload capacity
    3 kg

Dual battery performance

  • Maximum flight time
    4.5 hours
  • Maximum flight range
    280 km
  • Payload capacity
    1 kg

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