Built for customization

The DeltaQuad UAVs are built with customization in mind. Either by systems integrators, the end user or through our professional integration services. Both the hardware and software aspect of the DeltaQuad are open and expandable and often very easy to customize.

Custom software options

All DeltaQuad Pro models come with a secondary onboard computer that allows custom applications to run onboard. For more information please refer to our Open Source section. The DeltaQuad UAV can be equipped with custom applications on this onboard computer, or on a separate onboard computer based on your specifications.

Vertical Technologies can install custom computer hardware, and in some cases develop custom applications at your request. The open style and simple to modify vehicle allows easy customization for customers that want to integrate their own solutions.

Custom hardware options

The DeltaQuad Pro is designed with customization in mind. The payload bay of this vehicle is located directly on the center of gravity which allows easy integration of payloads without the need to re-balance the vehicle.

The power distribution can provide 5 or 15 volts with ample amperage to the payload bay and the blind mate connector system that attaches the nacelles and wings provide additional slots to integrate custom electronics.


Professional integration services

Do you have a different sensor or payload in mind? Our technicians and designers would be happy to analyse the feasibility of integration and provide you with a quotation for custom integration. You can send us the specifications of your desired payload free of charge and we will assess the feasibility and estimate the integration work without any obligations.

If you decide to proceed with your custom integration project you simply send us your payload and receive your UAV fully integrated and ready to operate.

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about the our professional integration services, or would you like to request a feasibility assessment? We are happy to talk to you. You can speak directly to our specialists without any obligations.