Managed Open Source flight control

Using Open Source software the DeltaQuad VTOL drones allow for easy customization and provide safety and robustness through transparency and unparalleled flight testing.

All DeltaQuad UAVs are powered by the PX4 Professional Autopilot. This Open Source firmware, designed by the founders of the Pixhawk hardware, is the industry standard professional autopilot. The source code for PX4, and the DeltaQuad specific code is available in the PX4 Github repository.

DronesLab, the R&D devision of Vertical Technologies has core development members in the PX4 development team that specialize in VTOL and Autonomy. Together with industry leaders such as Intel, 3DRobotics, Auterion and Yuneec, we actively develop and maintain the primary avionics to provide the most robust and feature rich flight control software possible.

Linux based secondary onboard computer

Every DeltaQuad Pro model comes with a linux based secondary onboard computer. This onboard computer runs several of the advanced features such as DSPS, 3G/4G VPN connectivity and 4G nose camera streaming. Access is provided to this onboard computer and a local Mavlink connection is made available for running additional applications.

The secondary onboard computer also exposes a short range WiFi connection that can be used to load missions or provide SSH access to the onboard computer.

High quality open hardware

The industry standard Pixhawk system is available in many flavors. The DeltaQuad uses a custom produced Dropix flight controller that we have found to be the most reliable and robust version of the Pixhawk ecosystem.

Using the trialed and tested JR connector system, which is generally much more reliable then the currently popular GST-GH connectors, the Dropix flight controller offers a very high quality IMU and multiple redundant sensors to provide one of the most reliable flight controllers currently available.

Open Source Ground Control

The DeltaQuad UAVs are controlled using QGrouncControl. This Open Source Ground Control System is developed and maintained by consortium that also maintains the PX4 Autopilot software. This guarantees full compatibility and all the latest features the system has to offer.

The source code for QGroundControl is available in the QGroundControl Github repository.

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about the Open Source customization possibilities of the DeltaQuad VTOL UAVs? We are happy to talk to you. You can speak directly to our specialists without any obligations.