The advanced safety features of the DeltaQuad UAV

The DeltaQuad UAV comes with a secondary onboard computer running the unique DeltaQuad Safety & Performance System (DSPS). This system performs both pre-flight and in-flight checks to make sure your vehicle is flying safely and performs optimally during BVLOS flight.

DSPS can be configured through a simple webinterface using the built-in WiFi functionality of the vehicle, or remotely using a mobile internet connection.

Automated Pre-flight checks

DSPS automatically performs pre-flight checks. When the vehicle is equipped with a mobile internet connection it will use this to perform additional checks. All checks requiring a mobile internet connection will also be performed by the DeltaQuad Mission Validator for vehicles without mobile connectivity.

✔ Weather conditions are within tolerance
✔ Mission is valid and contains all required items
✔ The mission will not take the vehicle dangerously close to the ground
✔ Battery level is sufficient for the mission
✔ All sensors are operational and GPS reception is good
✔ All key settings are within acceptable range

The operator is notified when any of the pre-flight checks fail. Depending on the DSPS workflow settings it can prevent takeoff if certain conditions fail.

Continuous in-flight monitoring

DSPS will continuously monitor the vehicle during flight. If it deems the vehicle incapable of maintaining safe fixed-wing flight it will automatically abort and revert back to rotor flight and prevent crashing. This automated failsafe system makes the DeltaQuad among the safest unmanned drones on the market.

The following checks are performed continuously

✔ The vehicle maintains the correct altitude
✔ The vehicle does not exceed maximum bank angles
✔ The fixed wing drive and control surfaces are operational and responding
✔ The GPS location is available
✔ An optional geo-fence is not breached
✔ The battery level remains sufficient for continued flight
✔ The core temperature is within tolerance (notification only)
✔ If configured, return home if the data link is lost

If severe conditions are breached the vehicle will return to rotor flight and try to return home, if the battery level drops below its failsafe point the vehicle will attempt to land safely and prevent damage to the system or its surroundings.

The DeltaQuad Mission Validator is available on

DeltaQuad Mission Validator

The DeltaQuad Mission Validator is an online tool that can validate a mission plan. Using the validator you can be assured the mission follows best practices and is safe to fly based on the checks performed. The validator can be used with any type of vehicle and also works for vehicles without a mobile internet connection.

The DeltaQuad MIssion Validator advises on the following;

✔ Terrain elevation (flying safely above ground level)
✔ Steep climb and descend rates
✔ Correct takeoff and landing procedures
✔ Advise on best practices for survey missions
✔ Weather conditions
✔ Maximum altitudes
✔ No-Fly zones

The DeltaQuad Mission Validator provides warnings and advise in a clear and readable format making it an essential tool for planning and validating safe and optimal missions.

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