Latest Firmware: DQRC13C

Firmware release date: 16 September 2018

We are proud to release the DQRC13C firmware that has been approved for the DeltaQuad One and DeltaQuad Pro models. This firmware includes significant stability and safety upgrades for your vehicle. 

Intended audience

This firmware has been approved for all DeltaQuad models with the exclusion of the models equipped with a BTC-88 camera turret gimbal. Do not install this firmware upgrade unless you have received an email where you are instructed to do so.

What’s new

  • Upgraded base firmware: The vehicle is now based on the PX4 1.8 release providing many stability and safety improvements.
  • Improved wind stability: by using the elevon actuators on the wings during quadcopter flight the vehicle will be more stable in high wind conditions.
  • Improved wind stability #2: The vehicle will actively attempt to face the wind when landing.
  • Improved RTL behavior: When an RTL is commanded during fixed wing flight, the vehicle will fly home on the current altitude for as long as possible and then descend to 30m before performing the back transition.
  • Improved transitions: The vehicle will hold altitude and attitude better during the front and back transitions.

Downloading the firmware

Please download the following files to your computer;

Firmware file: DQRC13C.px4
Parameter file: DQRC13C-upgrade.params

Installing the firmware

To install the firmware please follow the instructions in the Firmware upgrade section
This upgrade does not require a sensor calibration.

Validating the firmware

To validate that the firmware is successfully installed on your vehicle perform the following steps:

  1. Power on your vehicle using the LiPo battery
  2. Connect your ground station and wait for the parameters to load
  3. Click on the settings icon (cogwheel) and select “Parameters”
  4. In the search box enter “VT_AIRSPD_RULE” and click search
  5. A parameter called VT_AIRSPD_RULE should appear and the value should indicate 2

If the parameter is not present the firmware was not correctly installed and you should try again.
If the parameter is present but the value does not equal “2” the parameter file was not loaded correctly, please try again.