DeltaQuad Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle in good shape is essential for optimal flight safety and performance. Vertical Technologies offers several replacement parts for self maintenance and Extended Maintenance Cycles to keep your vehicle in good shape.

Log your flights

In order to perform scheduled or requested maintenance it is important to log your flights. This includes the digital onboard log, the Mission Validator Results link and any issues, modifications or replacements performed on the vehicle. The information is essential for diagnostics and maintenance of your vehicle.

Please see Advanced Analytics for more information on the online tools offered for logging and analytics.

Self maintenance

To keep your vehicle and its components in the best shape you should clean and inspect the vehicle before and after every flight. When damaged, chipped or when indicated by the log, it is recommended to replace the propellers. If exposed to harsh conditions, extreme dust or salt water, the motors and speed controllers can be replaced as part of self maintenance before the scheduled maintenance cycle.

If you require spare parts or a maintenance kit, please contact us and provide your serial number and component request

For more information on self maintenance please refer to the Operation Manual

Scheduled Maintenance Cycles

To operate your vehicle over extended periods of time we offer Scheduled Maintenance Cycles. By complying with these cycles you keep your vehicle in optimal shape with fresh components. Ignoring the maintenance cycles can void your warranty.

There are 3 types of extended maintenance requests;

 Custom repairBasic tuneupComplete refresh
Software upgrade
Recalibration of sensors
Laser re-alignment
Full inspection and test flight
New propellers 
New motors 
New speed controllers 
New BECs 
New servos 
New connectors  
New board computers  
New GPS  
New power module  
New wiring  
Recommended afterCrash or damage200 flight hours
or 12 months
600 flight hours
or 24 months

Prices available upon request.

For more details on our Scheduled Maintenance Service please see the Operation Manual.