DeltaQuad non-EU version

Due to EU export restrictions Vertical Technologies can not export UAV’s that are designed for a flight endurance of one hour or more.

Therefor when ordering a DeltaQuad outside of the EU Vertical Technologies will ship your DeltaQuad as a non-EU version.

The non-EU version has been designed to house a 11Ah LiPo battery and has a maximum flight time of 55 minutes.

After installing the 11Ah LiPo battery the vehicle needs to be balanced in order to keep the CoG correct. This can be achieved by mounting camera equipment in the nose section or by adding ballast.

The recommended LiPo battery for the DeltaQuad non-EU version can be ordered here

When inserting the 11Ah LiPo battery, special care must be taken to ensure the LiPo support booms are securely in place as during removal of the LiPo these could easily become undone.