Drone technology as a game changer in border patrol dynamics


A drone designed for border patrol organizations that are looking to dramatically enhance the way they control borders


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Enable targeted investigations

Using a border patrol drone to investigate suspicious activity is often quicker, faster & more efficient.

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Increased safety & situational awareness

Agents can use drones to investigate suspicious activity before they intervene in dangerous situations.

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Operate on a tight budget

Drones can be used to investigate situations in a more cost efficient manner than sending out a full intervention team.

How drone technology can be utilized by border patrol units

Follow up on suspicious activity

You could send a single border patrol drone out to investigate suspicious activity up to 50KM from the take-off point. This can save hours of work for agents as they won’t need to move physically. Heat camera’s ensures you can investigate suspicious activity both day and night.

Undocumented non-citizens, smugglers & other illegal trespassers can be detected before they even cross your borders.

Drones have the ability to monitor both sides of the border giving it the ability to detect illegal trespassing activity before it even takes places.

Search & rescue operations can be performed from a command center.

Drones enables you to perform search & rescue operations from a command center.  Features like thermal/IR nightvision enable you to perform operations around the clock.

Collecting evidence and following tracks of undocumented noncitizens

Interpreting and following tracks, marks, and other physical evidence becomes possible with high-resolution multispectral or RGB camera’s.

Key features of our border patrol drones

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Scan borders with live video feed up to 100km in one single flight.

Using the DeltaQuad to scan borders enables you to deploy rapid intervention teams based on real-time, detailed video coverage.

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Use object following & tracking to detect illegal trespassers

Running proprietary control software allows the system to safely and intelligently follow a human, car, vessel, or even another UAV.

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Coordinate interventions through a command center integration.

Control & command sharing enables you to let operators anywhere in the world take over control of the UAV through 4G/LTE.

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Equip ground patrol teams with a UAV that is deployed within 2 minutes

No pre-flight calibrations are necessary. This feature allows the DeltaQuad to be airborne in under 2 minutes.

Deployable in rain or snow

Smart technology gives the DeltaQuad the unique ability to safely fly in moderate rain & snow.

50KM HD video range (or unlimited via LTE)

We are the only platform that can offer up to 50KM transmission range of HD quality video from a hand-held remote controller.

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Mobile connectivity

This model provides unlimited range by streaming both HD video and UAV control over a VPN secured mobile connection.

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Fully autonomous missions

Fully autonomous missions from takeoff to landing are possible, even beyond communication range.


Targeted investigations with a drone

In this video you get a first person view of what it is like to perform surveillance operations with a border patrol drone. Some of the most important features that we show include: 

  • Automatic object following
  • 40x zoom
  • Thermal/IR vision
  • Automatic return



110 minutes

Flight time

100 Kilometers

Flight range

2 minute


50 Kilometers

Video & Control range

This is the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW

Our industry leading surveillance drone that can be custom made for border patrol applications with the following options:

The DeltaQuad Controller

An easy-to-use hand-held remote control solution that can stream HD video over long distances. It is the only controller that can switch seamlessly between radio signal and the LTE network.

Thermal & RGB controllable camera

Thermal & RGB functionality enables day and night surveillance. It offers 360 degree control, automatic object tracking & following, HD recording & much much more.

Booster Package

The DeltaQuad booster package will increase the operational range of the DeltaQuad Controller from 30KM up to 50KM

Secondary Control Station

Our secondary control station enables command center integration via WiFi or 4G/LTE connection. It allows you to oversee missions and take over control of the UAV from a remote control center.



Border Patrol starter kit 

This comes included with the DeltaQuad Pro Border Patrol starter kit:

✔ Two DeltaQuad Pro Platforms including full thermal/IR surveillance packages, external command centers, booster packages and 10X batteries. 

✔ An additional ‘high-availability’ model: ensuring continued operations 24/7

✔ 2 year warranty program

✔ Dedicated service professional appointed from Vertical Technologies.

✔ Lifetime software upgrades


Price starting at €149.995

Advanced DeltaQuad border protection

This comes included with our advanced DeltaQuad border protection solution.

✔ Starting at 10 full option surveillance UAV’s

✔ 2 year warranty program

✔ Multiple dedicated service professionals appointed from Vertical Technologies.

✔ Lifetime software upgrades


Price on request

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Our complete border patrol drone solution can be tailored to your situation.