Railways & road inspection

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP can survey up to 100KM of railways or roads in a single flight, and monitor remote sites up to 50KM distance, using high resolution Thermal and RGB video. It does this fully autonomous and can fly predefined corridors with automatic terrain following.

Check Inspect overhead contact lines

Check Identify road damage

Check Monitor vegetation encroachment

Check Assess damage from natural disasters

Check Measure frost heave, snow and ice related problems

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP records both Thermal and RGB video feeds simultaneously with embedded geo-coordinates. It can fly long distances, even beyond radio range. The recorded videos are easily retrieved from the onboard sd-cards and can be reviewed and analyzed in great detail.

Orthomosaic & 3D mapping

Aerial intelligence with CM level accuracy for planning, construction and maintenance of infrastructure.

Check Plan and prepare railways and road construction with CM level accurate orthomosaic maps

Check Digitize infrastructure with 3D point clouds

Check Monitor and report on construction progress

Check Map environmental conditions and assess construction costs

Check Monitor erosion, ground displacement and vegetation activities

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP provides high resolution imagery combined with CM level accuracy geo-referencing to produce highly accurate orthomosaic maps, 3D models and Digital Surface Models. Using terrain following corridor scans and automatically generated area surveys the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP makes aerial data collection effortless and easy to obtain.

Live thermal and RGB video with the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW provides live Thermal and HD RGB video for aerial reconnaissance of remote sites. With up to 50KM video range, or unlimited range using the mobile network.

Check Live HD video of hard to reach areas

Check Actionable intelligence for emergencies and natural disasters

Check Live reconnaissance of breakage or accidents

Check Improve employee safety with aerial reconnaissance in dangerous areas

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW provides joystick control of both High Definition and Thermal video live from a stabilized camera gimbal. While the vehicle flies fully autonomous, or guided to areas of interest, a camera operator can move, zoom in and automatically track objects. The video is streamed securely to the ground and recorded on board for post analysis.


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