Live thermal and RGB video with the DeltaQuad PRO #VIEW

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW provides live Thermal and HD RGB video for aerial reconnaissance. With up to 50KM video range, or unlimited range using the mobile network. The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW is the only VTOL UAV to provide automatic object following.

✔ Aerial surveillance with live Thermal and HD RGB video
✔ Automatic object tracking and autonomous object following
✔ Deploy virtually anywhere with Vertical Takeoff and Landing
✔ 2 minute tool-less field deployment with easy to transport cases and no pre-flight calibrations
✔ 50KM encrypted video & telemetry link, or unlimited range VPN secured mobile connectivity
✔ Up to 2 hours flight time
✔ Ruggedized single remote control with optional command center integration for remote camera operation
✔ Touch screen mission planning, object tracking & following
✔ Full autonomous mission or guided flight

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW provides integrated control of both High Definition and Thermal video live from a stabilized camera gimbal. The vehicle flies fully autonomous, guided to areas, or under manual control of the pilot. The camera can be controlled from the integrated remote controller, or by a camera operator on-site or remote. The video is streamed securely to the ground and recorded on board for post analysis.

High resolution situational awareness with the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP

Aerial intelligence with CM level accuracy mapping. Chart unknown terrain rapidly using orthomosaic & 3D mapping with the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP.

✔ Chart unknown territory with highly accurate 3D maps
✔ CM level accurate data for precision operations
✔ Assess road access conditions and potential threats
✔ Obtain strategic advantage with up to date situational awareness

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP provides high resolution imagery combined with CM level accuracy geo-referencing to produce highly accurate orthomosaic maps, 3D models and Digital Surface Models. Using terrain following corridor scans and automatically generated area surveys the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP makes aerial data collection effortless and easy to obtain.

Long distance EO/IR video with the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP can survey up to 100KM tracks or up 1000ha terrain, and inspect remote areas up to 50KM away, while recording and streaming high resolution Thermal and 4K RGB video at the same time. It does this fully autonomous and can fly predefined corridors with automatic terrain following. The recorded videos are geo-referenced with current coordinates displayed as subtitles.

✔ Inspect roads or fields for mines and threats
✔ Record and stream long range high quality thermal and HD video
✔ Allow in-depth analysis with the ability to pause, rewind, fast-forward and zoom
✔ Determine activity in buildings based on thermal signatures

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP records and streams both Thermal and RGB video feeds simultaneously with embedded geo-coordinates. It can fly long distances, even beyond radio range. The recorded videos are easily retrieved from the onboard sd-cards and can be reviewed and analyzed i great detail. The live video stream is controllable using the DeltaQuad Controller and can be streamed up to 50KM away.

Key features of the DeltaQuad UAVs

The DeltaQuad VTOL UAVs offer a unique set of features to provide unparalleled safety, performance, autonomy and ease of use. The following key features apply to all DeltaQuad models

More endurance

The DeltaQuad can fly almost 2 hours with distances up to 100km carrying payloads up to 1Kg

Vertical Takeoff and Landing

It can takeoff and land in confined areas of 5x5 meters or more

Advanced safety features

Automated pre-flight and inflight checks with failsafe fallback procedures

Deploy in minutes

Tool-less 1 minute deployment and no pre-flight calibrations

Fully autonomous

Fully autonomous missions from takeoff to landing, even beyond communication range

Simple mission planning

Plan your missions easily with touch screen satellite maps and automatic path generation

Automatic terrain following

Plan missions with automatic terrain following across hills, valleys and mountains

Radio and/or mobile internet

Up to 50KM radio range or unlimited using the mobile network

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