Bridging the gap: Convincing decision-makers to invest in the right tools for the job

Bridging the gap: Convincing decision-makers to invest in the right tools for the job

Navigating between needs and approvals

We understand the struggle. You’re out there, seeing firsthand the challenges and bottlenecks that could be solved with the right tools and technology. Yet, you often find yourself stuck in a maze of budget constraints, skeptical decision-makers, and convoluted approval processes. How do you make them see what you see?

Decoding the decision-making ladder

Whether in a commercial organization or a governmental body, decision-making often involves multiple layers. Before a purchase gets a green light, it moves through a hierarchical ladder of approvals. Each person on that ladder has their concerns—be it costs, training, or public perception. When pitching a technology solution, you must address these concerns head-on.

Let the results speak

VTOL UAVs like DeltaQuad Evo offer multi-dimensional benefits beyond the immediate application you’re considering. With swappable payloads and extended flight times, such a tool could be used for various missions, offering a versatile solution for different departments within your organization. The first step in gaining approval is showing how these advantages translate into long-term value. This is where you can leverage data, case studies, and other forms of empirical evidence to make a stronger argument for why the tool you’re recommending is not only beneficial but essential.

Real-world scenarios are key

Words might not suffice. Decision-makers want to see how the technology will function in real-life conditions. “When you actually see it functioning as it’s intended to, that usually is what makes the difference,” believes Andy Olesen, a consultant in emergency response robot operations from Canada. Visual – especially video – material brings concepts to life. If possible, arrange for real-world scenarios or simulation tests where you can show the drone or any other form of technology in action, be it a forest fire or a search-and-rescue. This exercise will allay fears and give decision-makers a tangible sense of the product’s operational benefits.

Talk costs, but differently

When it comes to acquiring high-tech solutions like drones, budgeting is always at the forefront. First, you must be aware of the internal financial system. Depending on where you are in a budget cycle, things might take time. Second, with a drone, you’re not just buying the hardware but investing in training, ongoing maintenance, and software updates. Make the case for lower life-cycle costs due to reliability, reduced need for frequent replacements, and repairs. Lastly, what is the price of not investing in the new tool? If the current system is inefficient, prone to errors, or otherwise inadequate, there are opportunity costs in terms of lost time, reduced productivity, and potential revenue. Being aware of budget cycles, additional costs, and the broader financial impact is crucial to both choosing the best solution and having the decision approved.

Things move fast, and you shall, too

Misconceptions can cloud judgments. This is especially the case with drone technology that develops at high speeds – some ideas from five years ago can be unrelated to reality right now. Science develops, and so do regulations. Political factors and country-of-origin details can sometimes play a role: it is important how a product is made and how it complies with local and international laws. Present honest and up-to-date facts because most decision-makers do value the opinion of the people using the technology daily.

Everything is in your hands… but we can help

Arming yourself with detailed product knowledge and a deep understanding of the decision-making process can make all the difference. It will not just help you win over your immediate supervisors but also resonate with the top-tier decision-makers. It will also help us provide you with the best and most fitting solution. Because, in the end, it’s not just about buying a product; it’s about making a long-term investment in safety, efficiency, and future readiness.

So, the next time you struggle to get approval for a tool that could revolutionize your job like DeltaQuad Evo, remember – we’re here to help every step of the way.