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A fully autonomous, commercial grade, Vertical Takeoff and Landing drone with smart technology.

The DeltaQuad Pro VTOL UAV is available in the following models:

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UAV for inspection, mapping & surveying purposes

✔ RGB, Multispectral & Thermal/IR
✔ Flight time of up to 110 minutes
✔ Coverage up to 1200HA (3000AC)
✔ Up to 61 megapixel camera
✔ Live video connection with UAV

surveillance drone  


UAV for surveillance & reconnaissance purposes

✔ Thermal/IR & RGB
✔ Flight time of up to 110 minutes
✔ Autonomous Object Following
✔ 360° gimbal & 80x zoom
✔ Live HD video up to 50 KM

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UAV for custom cargo transportation and delivery

✔ Flight time of up to 2 hours
✔ Full 1.2KG payload available
✔ Airborne within 2 minutes
✔ Live HD video up to 50 KM
✔ Payload drop mechanism

Industry leading technology for professional users

The DeltaQuad VTOL UAV is packed with features to make it the most powerful VTOL drone on the market.

Up to 150KM flight distance

The DeltaQuad can fly up to 150KM using the Auxiliary Battery option, or up to 100KM carrying a 1,2KG payload

Fully autonomous

Fully autonomous missions from takeoff to landing, even beyond communication range

Radio and/or mobile network communication

Up to 50KM radio & video range or even unlimited range using VPN secured mobile networks.

High availability

We offer 'high availability' spare vehicles to ensure that your UAV operations can be continued at all times.

1,2KG payload capacity

The DeltaQuad can carry payloads up to 1,2KG which could range from samples to high resolution cameras

Fly in rain & snow

Smart technology gives the DeltaQuad the unique ability to safely fly in rain & snow

Airborne within 2 minutes

We've done everything to make it easy to assemble and launch. We ship the DeltaQuad in an easy to handle box!

European manufacturing

The DeltaQuad is manufactured in The Netherlands.



Explore VTOL UAV solutions for your industry.

Rail & Road
Rail & Road
Security & Defense
Security & Defense
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental & Humanitarian
Mining & Construction
Mining & Construction

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A selection of articles

Learn how the DeltaQuad is being used by organizations. 

DeltaQuad PRO makes 3D model of UNESCO World Heritage Site Uruk

The DeltaQuad was involved with an archaeological project where the mission was to present a large-scale and detailed 3D model of the ancient city of Uruk – a famous archaeological site and since 2016 recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Aviant performs longest ever drone flight in Norway with the DeltaQuad Pro

Last week the DeltaQuad Pro set records in Norway, as Aviant – a start-up that operates drones for medical transportation – succeeded in transporting blood samples between two Norwegian hospitals that are over 120KM apart.

UN chooses DeltaQuad Pro platforms to perform safety missions in Central African Republic

We are proud to present that the United Nations chose the DeltaQuad Pro to perform safety missions in the Central African Republic. This is an important milestone for DeltaQuad as it confirms that our VTOL UAV’s…

Skyqraft performs BVLOS powerline inspection over a city using VTOL UAVs

Skyqraft, a data-driven infrastructure inspection company from Sweden, was granted BVLOS operation permission for the DeltaQuad VTOL UAV, to inspect a large portion of the Swedish power grid. Flying fully autonomous from takeoff to landing…


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