Explore the DeltaQuad Pro VTOL UAV

A fully autonomous, commercial grade, Vertical Takeoff and Landing drone with smart technology.

The DeltaQuad Pro VTOL UAV is available in the following models:


Mapping UAV for long endurance high resolution surveys

Features: 61 MP, 1200 ha, 50KM corridors, multispectral sensors & live mapping video

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Surveillance UAV Thermal & RGB HD live video up to 50KM and over LTE

Features: 110 minutes, Thermal & RGB, 40x zoom, Object following, 50KM HD video range

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Inspection UAV for Thermal & RGB HD geo-referenced recording.

Features: Thermal & RGB, high resolution geo-referenced HD video & mapping, 50KM live video range

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Versatile UAV for transport or custom sensor integration

Features: 100KM, 1.2KG, payload drop, Live 50KM FPV video, rain & snow capable, custom sensors

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Industry leading technology for professional users

The DeltaQuad VTOL UAV is packed with features to make it the most powerful VTOL drone on the market.

Up to 150KM flight distance

The DeltaQuad can fly up to 150KM using the Auxiliary Battery option, or up to 100KM carrying a 1,2KG payload

Fully autonomous

Fully autonomous missions from takeoff to landing, even beyond communication range

Radio and/or mobile network communication

Up to 50KM radio & video range or even unlimited range using VPN secured mobile networks.

High availability

We offer 'high availability' solutions to ensure that your UAV operations can be continued at all times.

1,2KG payload capacity

The DeltaQuad can carry payloads up to 1,2KG which could range from samples to high resolution cameras

Fly in rain & snow

Smart technology gives the DeltaQuad the unique ability to safely fly in rain & snow

1-minute field assembly

We've done everything to make it easy to assemble. We ship the DeltaQuad in an easy to handle box!

European manufacturing

The DeltaQuad is manufactured in The Netherlands.



Explore VTOL UAV solutions for your industry.

Rail & Road
Rail & Road
Security & Defense
Security & Defense
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental & Humanitarian
Mining & Construction
Mining & Construction

A selection of cases

Learn how the DeltaQuad is being used by organizations. 

A mapping drone comparison.

When compared to it’s competitors, the DeltaQuad VTOL UAV is highly competitive at a fair price range. 

DeltaQuad Pro #MAPWingtraOneTrinity F90+MarlyneBee X
Product image
Max. flight time At sea level with camera payload110 minutes59 minutes90 minutes50 minutes60/90 minutes
Coverage at 3cm/px The coverage is calculated by multiplying the maximum flight distance by the maximum camera resolution. It is based on 3CM per pixel with an overlap of 50%1200HA450 Ha800HA360HA220HA/500HA
Control range50kM/Unlimited10KM7KM7KM/20KM8KM
Max resolution61 Megapixel42 Megapixel42 Megapixel42 Megapixel24 Megapixel
Live video Displays a live HD video stream of the mapping camera during flight on the Ground Control Station.

This feature is usefull to verify the camera payload is functioning and set correctly
Swappable payloadsX
Comparative package price To compare pricing a package was selected for each model that most closely resembles:

- 42MP camera
- 1CM PPK (if available)
- 2 Batteries
- Standard radio solution
- Ground Control Station (if available)
€ 19.593,00€ 29.600,00€ 21.990,00€ 29.450,00€ 22.550,00


Fly further and see more with the new DeltaQuad Controller

The DeltaQuad controller is an easy-to-use hand-held remote control solution that can stream HD video over long distances. It is the only controller that can switch seamlessly between radio signal (up to 50KM) and the LTE network (unlimited range). Important features include:

✔ Integrated touch screen mission planning, control & HD video
✔ Manual control for pilots in both fixed-wing and hover flight modes.
✔ Live video of mapping, inspection and surveillance camera’s
✔ Up to 50KM HD video range via radio & unlimited HD range via LTE where available
✔ Instant switching between Radio & LTE communications where available
✔ UAV control sharing on remote devices via WiFi or LTE

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