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Introducing DeltaQuad Evo Tactical Edition VTOL UAV

Advancing Security and Defense Operations

Innovative UAV Technology for Tactical Purposes

When it comes to high-stakes operations for security and defense organizations, the unwavering performance of technology is non-negotiable. This is particularly true for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) utilized for reconnaissance, observation, or intricate missions. Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) UAVs are proving increasingly critical in these situations.

Consider a UAV that not only promises but delivers exceptional capabilities. Think of a vehicle with over 4 hours of flight time and a 250-kilometer range, capable of precise navigation even without GPS. This UAV is portable enough for a single individual, can be deployed within a 5-minute timeframe, designed with dual payload bays for versatility in operations, and features a stealth switch for unobtrusive execution when necessary.

Imagine a device resilient against severe weather conditions, ensuring reliable flight performance irrespective of rain, snow, or winds up to 14 m/s. Coupled with maximum data security and interference avoidance, this is the technology designed to reduce operational risks and deliver flawless mission outcomes, even in the most demanding circumstances.

Reduce risk and increase tactical success

DeltaQuad Evo Tactical Edition VTOL UAV, crafted with Dutch pragmatism, addresses varied defense needs. We value every detail, learning from experts in security and military tactics to create practical, reliable solutions. High-quality components and robust software make our UAVs capable of executing complex missions.

Our collaborative approach, fosters innovation and tangible results. We strive for improvements and added functionalities, demonstrated in Evo TAC’s integration with ATAK. This Android app offers precise navigation, landscape intelligence, and data sharing. Its plug-in architecture allows customizations, enabling Evo TAC to fit unique defense objectives.

Apart from the Evo Tactical Edition, DeltaQuad also presents the Evo Stealth Edition. This model, explicitly crafted for discreet operations, comes equipped with an Aerial Payload Deployment System and various anti-jamming measures for electronic warfare. These characteristics enhance the drone’s adaptability and customization potential, making it a powerful asset for a wide range of covert activities.

Key features

GPS Denied Inertial Navigation

Auterion Tactical Stack Avionics enables sustained flight in GPS-denied environments, while the Anti-Jamming GPS ensures accurate navigation under extreme jamming conditions.

Maximum Data Security

Even if the UAV is seized by unauthorized individuals, they cannot access mission-critical data. Likewise, attempting to extract information by dismantling the Evo to reach its electronics or components is futile.

Interference Avoidance

Silvus MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network) Interference Avoidance delivers Spectrum Dominance through advanced frequency hopping, maintaining communication and video links, ignoring data link jamming systems.

Stealth Switch

Plan missions with predefined stealth operation sections using Auterion Tactical Stack Avionics. The drone autonomously executes stealth phases and reconnects with the operator at a designated point in the mission.

Adopting a high-tech UAV for tactical objectives

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DeltaQuad Evo Tactical Edition

DeltaQuad Evo TAC is available in two different uniformed field deployment kits. These kits are operationally complete, with all necessary parts for immediate deployment. 

DeltaQuad Evo Stealth Edition

Specifically engineered for discrete operations, the DeltaQuad Evo Stealth comes equipped with an Aerial Payload Deployment System and numerous anti-jamming features for electronic warfare, affording the adaptability and customization necessary to accommodate the requirements of diverse covert missions.

DeltaQuad Evo Beta Program and Conditions

Join us in the DeltaQuad Evo Beta program and be part of the next leap forward in UAV technology. Remember, your success is our success, and together we can revolutionize this field. Please be mindful of the following conditions that apply during the beta phase:
  • Operational manuals or training courses specific to the Beta program may not be fully available. 
  • To keep your warranty intact, please respond to requests to return the vehicle if modifications are needed during the beta phase.
  • The core purpose of the beta program is to detect and rectify any unforeseen issues. To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of this process, we ask you to maintain confidentiality regarding any issues discovered during the program.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in advancing your tactical operation, we encourage you to reach out. We’re available to provide more details about DeltaQuad’s developed solutions and their potential impact on your operational efficiency.