DeltaQuad Evo Public Beta Program

During the Beta phase, a select number of parties will get access to the DeltaQuad Evo and its initial payloads. The public beta program serves to grow experience across a large range of environments and use cases. 

Our promise

What can you expect

Submit your application for joining the Beta program now, and you might take part in setting a new standard in long-range UAVs. By joining us, you can expect:

  • To be one of the first to use the most advanced eVTOL available on the market
  • A high level of personal support and involvement from the DeltaQuad Evo team
  • To exercise influence on the development roadmap of the DeltaQuad Evo through your feedback
  • Ongoing publicity on your project through the DeltaQuad media channels and external PR

Your commitment

What do we expect

You are willing to participate in our media and research programs designed to improve the Evo experience. To be considered for the Beta program you will need to:

  • Submit your intended use case
  • Have a relatively significant amount of flights to perform and/or have a unique type of goal to achieve
  • Have contact with your DeltaQuad representative a few times to provide feedback, some datasets, and flight logs in relation to your project
  • Work with us to write a use-case for your project

Join the public beta program

Apply to join the beta program. Describe your intended project and we will contact you to discuss the future possibilities of working on it together.