DeltaQuad Government Solutions

The DeltaQuad VTOL UAV series offers versatile solutions for a range of government requirements. With a proven track record and a solution focussed approach, the DeltaQuad UAV is operated by local, national, and international government entities worldwide. 

The DeltaQuad models are delivered as a turn-key solution with efficient online pilot training. The models can be deployed in as little as 2 weeks after procurement, and the designated operations team will be supported directly by trained DeltaQuad employees with experience in government-level operations.

Solutions for Aerial Surveillance

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW model, equipped with the high-quality Nextvision Nighthawk2 EO/IR sensor offers battle-proven technology combined with pilot-friendly field operation. With rapid deployment, automated object following, thermal night vision, AES encryption, and command center integration, the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW enables integrated aerial surveillance for a large range of government security and defense tasks.

Solutions for Aerial Mapping

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP, equipped with the high-resolution Sony A7R-IV 61 Megapixel mapping sensor produces aerial maps with the highest possible resolution and precision. With live camera feedback, simple post-processing, and long-range communication links, this model can address government-level mapping requirements at scale. Its long endurance flight capabilities, encrypted communication channels, automated terrain following, and easy-to-use control software allows high-precision aerial maps to be generated instantly.

Solutions for Payload Delivery

The DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO offers autonomous small cargo delivery for a range of applications. With its payload drop technology, stealth capabilities, and autonomous BVLOS navigation systems, the DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO can be deployed in minutes to deliver payloads up to 1KG to locations up to 50KM distance. A field proven solution for delivery of urgent medical supplies, vaccines, and radio equipment to remote, or unreachable areas.

Preparing your Tender

To support you in producing specifications for your compliance matrix, we offer templates for both specific and generic requirements that will properly define the capabilities of your selected solution. We have assembled standard packages which embody the highest quality solution we offer for government operations. 

Please visit the Tender Preparation page to download templates for your requirements model


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