DeltaQuad Video and Ground Control Stations

Video and Ground Control provide form an essential part of the DeltaQuad VTOL UAV. The standard Ground Control Station is an Android based LTE enabled tablet. It provides easy touch-screen control to plan missions or guide the vehicle. The Open Source Ground Control Station can be installed on any Android, MacOS, IOS, Windows or Linux based system. The transmission systems come with both regular and micro-usb connections for broad support.

The Command & Control software used to control the DeltaQuad and plan missions is QGroundControl. Some highlights of this easy to use, feature rich command system;

✔ Plan missions with easy using touch screen or mouse
✔ Automatically generate survey or corridor scans
✔ Create plans using live satellite maps, or store maps for offline use
✔ Plan missions with ground elevation (terrain following) options
✔ Control and reposition the vehicle during missions, with the ability to resume the mission
✔ Set geo-fence, failsafe and data-link-loss behavior
✔ Command Return, Land, Reposition, Pause, Resume, Change mission and Change altitude during flight.

The DeltaQuad Controller

  • Up to 30 km 2.4Ghz radio system integrated and 50 km with a booster
  • HD Video and Command & Control
  • Instant switching LTE mobile internet based video and control for unlimited range
  • Touch screen mission control
  • IP67 water resistant
  • Simple manual joystick control of the UAV
  • Allows connecting a second viewing terminal via WiFi or remotely over VPN

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Video Control Station

The Video Control Station (VCS), currently only compatible with DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW using Surveillance Package 3, is a Windows based 14 inch Thinkpad laptop running Windows 10 and the CCA3 software that is specifically designed to  display and control the Nextvision2 gimbal.

Attached to the VCS is a camera control joystick with programmable function keys. The joystick controls the Pan and Tilt axis and the buttons on top of the joystick control zoom levels. The function keys control deploy/retract, switching between Thermal and RGB video, and the ‘fire’ button allows locking on targets to track automatically.

From the VCS the mouse pad can be used to click on any object in the video for automatic tracking. Object tracking is available in both RGB and Thermal vision.

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