Introducing DeltaQuad Evo Enterprise VTOL UAV

Advanced inspection and monitoring

Reinforcing safety through superior flexibility

Aerial surveillance of extensive infrastructure? Monitoring vast industrial landscapes? Ensuring safety from above? Or maybe you need an efficient mapping solution? In these challenging scenarios, a drone becomes more and more essential. A high-performance VTOL UAV (Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), to be precise. That’s why professionals turn to DeltaQuad, a leader in VTOL UAV aircraft technology.

One such tool is our DeltaQuad Evo Enterprise Edition. This swift, precise UAV is capable of aerial observation, providing vital data in time-sensitive situations. With a long flight time of over 4 hours, 250 kilometers flight and up to 80 kilometers radio and video range, as well as dual payload bays, the DeltaQuad Evo is equipped to handle diverse operational needs. Its advanced technology enables fast, focused responses, making it more than a drone; it’s a valuable ally in maintaining public safety.

More added value, more efficiency

Managing complex infrastructure in populated areas necessitates quick and reliable data access. Reflecting a pragmatic and sustainable approach, DeltaQuad has created the Evo Enterprise Edition VTOL UAV. This device, designed with an emphasis on quality, durability, and future adaptability, is well-suited for various government roles, including rapid response functionality, environmental monitoring and infrastructure management.

DeltaQuad Evo ENT distinguishes itself with flexibility and effectiveness. Able to be transported and launched by a single person within five minutes, it offers an extended operational range of over 250 kilometers, or a flight time of over 4 hours. With the right antenna, it delivers radio and live video over 40 to 80 km, and can simultaneously carry two payloads, broadening its potential applications.

Key applications

High quality components & payload options

DeltaQuad Evo GOV is available in two different uniformed field deployment kits. These kits are operationally complete, with all necessary parts for immediate deployment. 

Full payload flexibility

The DeltaQuad Evo features a dual flexible payload bay that allows payloads to be swapped easily. The Evo can house 2 standard payloads at the same time, or a single larger payload. This allows operation of 2 payloads simultanously, or extend the flight time of a standard payload with an auxiliary battery.

  • Over 4 hours flight time with an auxiliary battery  
  • Dual payload capable to perform multiple tasks simultanously
  • Plug & Play payloads allow a single platform to perform a variaty of tasks
  • Future proof your investment by obtaining new payloads as they become available or needed

Get in touch

If you’re interested in elevating your governmental operation, we encourage you to reach out. We’re available to provide more details about DeltaQuad’s developed solutions and their potential impact on your operational efficiency.