Aerial surveillance with the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW provides live Thermal and HD RGB video for aerial reconnaissance. With up to 50KM video range, or unlimited range using the mobile network.

Check  Anti poaching: detect humans, cars and campfires

Check  Detect and observe forest fires

Check  Track animals using both RGB and Thermal cameras

Check  Improve ranger safety with aerial reconnaissance in dangerous areas

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW provides joystick control of both High Definition and Thermal video live from a stabilized camera gimbal. While the vehicle flies fully autonomous, or guided to areas of interest, a camera operator can move, zoom in and automatically track objects. The video is streamed securely to the ground and recorded on board for post analysis.

Medical & Nutritional transport with the DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO

The DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO can transport goods to and from remote areas. With its VTOL capabilities it can takeoff and land in confined areas and its efficient fixed wing flight allows for up to 100KM range. It can also drop payloads and return home to distances up to 50KM.

Check  Deliver medical goods to areas in need

Check  Transport blood samples for remote analysis

Check  Drop medical or nutritional aid with a payload drop system

The DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO can carry a 1.2KG payload inside its payload bay and transport it autonomously up to 100KM. It flies fully autonomous missions from vertical takeoff to vertical landing, even beyond data link range. With our payload drop system a payload can be attached underneath the vehicle and dropped at a distance of up to 50KM before returning home fully autonomous.

Aerial reconnaissance with the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP can record up to 100KM of video, and monitor remote sites up to 50KM distance, using a high resolution Thermal and RGB camera. It does this fully autonomous and can fly predefined paths with automatic terrain following.

Check  Monitor thermal signs and assess conditions in disaster areas

Check  Chart and count wildlife activity

Check  Inspect water and flora conditions

Check  Detect illegal deforestation

Check  Monitor sea mammals

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP records both Thermal and RGB video feeds simultaneously with embedded geo-coordinates. It can fly long distances, even beyond radio range. The recorded videos are easily retrieved from the onboard sd-cards and can be reviewed and analyzed in great detail.

Fight illegal deforestation with the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP will record high resolution Thermal & RGB video at the same time. This downward facing camera can be flown over large forest areas and will provide video data with embedded GPS coordinates that will reveal any activity in or around forest environments.

Check  Thermal detection of vehicles up to 1KM altitude and humans up to 400 meters

Check  4K RGB video with geo-coordinates

Check  640×512 Thermal video with geo-coordinates

Check  Fully autonomous


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