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Supporting Industries with Innovative Aerial Solutions

Breaking New Ground in UAV Technology

Elevate your operations with DeltaQuad Evo

Aerial surveillance of extensive infrastructure? Monitoring vast industrial or agricultural landscapes? Ensuring safety from above? Or maybe you need an unobtrusive, yet effective reconnaissance tool for defense missions? In these challenging scenarios, a drone becomes more and more essential. A high-performance VTOL UAV (Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), to be precise. That’s why professionals turn to DeltaQuad, a leader in VTOL UAV aircraft technology.

Introducing the next-generation UAV technology with unmatched flighttime and flexible payload usage. Engineered to tackle industry and government’s toughest challenges with precision and expertise. Driven by our customer-centric approach, collaboration and attentive listening lie at the core of our Dutch culture, empowering us to excel in serving our customers. We never compromise on quality, utilizing top-tier components and high-performing electronics for unrivaled reliability. DeltaQuad’s influence extends worldwide, especially in sectors valuing versatility, interoperability, and future-readiness like agriculture, infrastructure, public safety, industry, and defense.

DeltaQuad Evo

DeltaQuad’s Evo, offers advanced features and exceptional performance. With over 4 hours of flight time, up to 270 km range, dual payload bays, and high-quality composites, it provides versatility and superior functionality.

What also sets DeltaQuad apart is our commitment to openness. We prioritize collaboration and integration with application partners, allowing clients to expand the functionality of their drones with third-party software. By choosing DeltaQuad’s Evo VTOL UAV, you can avoid vendor lock-in and customize your drone’s capabilities according to your specific needs. Experience the freedom and flexibility to optimize your aerial operations with DeltaQuad.

Enhanced Autonomy

Perform complex ISR missions with minimal human intervention for flight ranges up to 270 km (168 mi) with dual battery

Advanced Aerodynamic

Our patented wingshape ensures efficient flight performance. For maximum area coverage and altitudes up to 4.000 meters (13.000 ft.)

Flexible payload use

Dual Sensor Capability gives you the flexibility to use any payload (or combination) you prefer

State-of-the-art Material

Produced in Europe with the highest quality materials and composites


Powered by Auterion

DeltaQuad has a partnership with Auterion, to combine the advantages of Auterion’s high end software with DeltaQuad’s expertise in UAV’s. Together, we deliver a robust ISR system with unmatched endurance and mapping capabilities. By utilizing Auterion’s advanced Operating System and mission control software, DeltaQuad’s Evo becomes more widely deployable, performs better autonomously, and offers customers faster data processing and enhanced ease of use. This collaboration not only ensures stability but also accelerates innovation, thanks to the synergy of frontrunners in hardware and software.


Versatile Applications Across Sectors

Due to the advanced flight time and flexibility in payload use, our advanced UAV solutions cater to a broad spectrum of applications, customised to meet the distinct requirements of enterprise, government, and military sectors.




Beta Program and disclaimers

Join us in the DeltaQuad Evo Beta program and be part of the next leap forward in UAV technology. Remember, your success is our success, and together we can revolutionize this field. Please be mindful of the following conditions that apply during the beta phase:
  • Operational manuals or training courses specific to the Beta program may not be fully available. 
  • To keep your warranty intact, please respond to requests to return the vehicle if modifications are needed during the beta phase.
  • The core purpose of the beta program is to detect and rectify any unforeseen issues. To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of this process, we ask you to maintain confidentiality regarding any issues discovered during the program.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in advancing your understanding of UAV technology, we encourage you to reach out. We’re available to provide more details about DeltaQuad’s developed solutions and their potential impact on your operational efficiency.