The e-Course is an online course that enables anyone to become a DeltaQuad operator. In this course you will explore the controls & software you need to understand to fly the DeltaQuad Pro. We will teach you – amongst other things – how to:

✔ Assemble the UAV 
✔ Operate the UAV: plan a mission, take-off and land autonomously

✔ Fly manually with the DeltaQuad controller
✔ Work with flight safety protocols
✔ Maintain the vehicle properly

What can you expect from this course? 

  • The course consists of over 50+ video lessons and can be completed in under 10 hours.
  • There are exams included in every chapter to make sure you are learning the things you need to know.
  • When you complete the full course, you receive an official DeltaQuad Pro UAV pilot certificate.

One training license is included with the purchase of a DeltaQuad Pro. For every additional license we charge €500.