Become a certified DeltaQuad pilot

A full online resource to become a certified DeltaQuad Pilot.



Key Features

First training license for free

One training license is included with each purchased DeltaQuad. Additional licenses can be purchased to certify multiple pilots.

10 chapters, 67 lessons

The DeltaQuad e-Course is divided into 10 chapters and stretches over 67 lessons which makes it one of the most complete UAV guides to date.

Extensive video material

For the best learning experience, hours of extensive video tutorials are accompanied by pictures and detailed texts.

Interactive assignments

We provide interactive assignments where your mission plans are reviewed and commented on by our trainers to make sure you know how to properly plan a mission.

Thorough examination

Each section is followed by an exam to make sure that you are capable of performing safe and successful missions with the DeltaQuad.

Finish in under 10 hours

The course can be completed in under 10 hours and is the best tool to prepare yourself for successfully operating the DeltaQuad.

Receive a certificate

Everyone who completes the course will become a certified DeltaQuad operator and receives the official DeltaQuad certificate.

Complete method

We leave no subject untouched. You will learn about the assembly of the UAV, mission planning including corridor scans and surveys, executing a mission, flight safety protocols, and maintenance..


Get in touch

We are here to answer any questions you have regarding the eCourse. Please reach out if you would like to learn more.