Object following or object tracking?

We offer Autonomous Object Following on the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW and DeltaQuad Evo.

Autonomous object following, in contrast to object tracking, is the ability for the UAV to autonomously follow an object that is being tracked by the camera. This marks the first time a VTOL fixed-wing surveillance UAV is capable of autonomously following a car, human or any other moving object.

Using the touch-screen enabled DeltaQuad Controller, the pilot can tap on any object of interest and activate the following switch. The DeltaQuad Pro will autonomously follow the object of interest until the pilot disengages the object following mode. View a sample mission here.


Up to 50KM HD video range

Leveraging the latest D2D technology, the DeltaQuad Controller can transmit live HD video with very low latency over vast distances. The Standard package offers up to 30KM HD video range in FCC compliant mode, and up to 25KM in CE compliant mode.

Using the long range solution which amplifies the signal to several watts, and the usage of a simple to install directional antenna attached to the controller, can achieve transmission ranges of up to 50KM with HD live video. To operate the extended range package a permit might be required by your local regulatory body.

UAV control sharing with command centers

It is possible – when following an object – to control the UAV from a remote device or command center. The connection can be established using a 5ghz WiFi hotspot, either from the DeltaQuad controller or from a remote WiFi hotspot such as a mobile phone. The connection can also be established using the LTE VPN network. In this mode, the remote device connects to the controller using the LTE VPN network, and the controller shares the active video feed and/or the Command & Control link. This means that a remote device can connect using the VPN network, even when the UAV is flying in LTE-deprived areas. It only requires the ground unit to maintain an active mobile internet link.

The remote device connectivity is highly suitable for command center integration. It even allows UAV or gimbal control from the remote device, allowing function separation between pilot and camera operator.

VPN based LTE integration

When you are following an object it is possible to seamlessly switch between long-range radio communication and, where available, LTE mobile internet. The UAV can optionally be equipped with a sim card and will automatically connect to the DeltaQuad Controller over an encrypted VPN tunnel. The DeltaQuad controller will show which channels are available and allow switching between radio and LTE-based communication through a simple tap on the screen. All data (Video, Telemetry, and Manual control) is instantly switched between these communication channels.