Support with a personal touch

Launching a 2.5m wingspan autonomous VTOL drone for the first time can be daunting.

We understand this and know that even after training on our simulator, validating your mission plan through our validator, and carefully reading the operation manual with video instructions, it remains a big step and several of our clients feel comfortable if we provide assistance for the first flight.

We value our relationship with our clients and maintain close communication because we believe the total experience is what matters.

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Learning to operate the DeltaQuad

Operating the DeltaQuad VTOL UAV is very intuitive, and using the touch screen ground control station makes it easy and fast. To get fully acquainted with the mission planner and flight controls we offer a range of software, video and documentation.

Check  Extensive operation manual

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Usually these resources provide enough basis to safely operate a DeltaQuad. Should additional training be desired we can offer standard or customized training packages at our test site in the Netherlands.

Professional support

We are here to assist you, from the first flight onward. We strive to provide our clients with support that rises above what you might expect. Not only in the key operation of the vehicles but in the any challenge or question. We happily explain how to best achieve your mission, what to consider when integrating other components, or how best to ship the vehicle and its high power batteries. Should the need arise we can provide technical assistance such as log analysis or remote support.

DQ Support
DQ Maintenance cycles

Scheduled Maintenance Cycles

To operate your vehicle over extended periods of time we offer Scheduled Maintenance Cycles. By complying with these cycles you keep your vehicle in optimal shape with fresh components. Ignoring the maintenance cycles can void your warranty.

Check  Every 200 flights or flight hours, all moving and exposed components are replaced.

Check  Every 600 flights or flight hours, all moving, exposed, heating and electronic components are replaced.

For more details on our Scheduled Maintenance Service please see the Operation Manual.

Regular updates

Vertical Technologies has members on the core team that develops the Open Source flight control system. It also partners with the commercial branches of this system to provide the most robust and feature-rich avionics possible. This means the software is updated periodically for improvements on many levels. The updates are only performed after they have been rigorously tested and are deemed aviation ready.