Aviant performs longest ever drone flight in Norway with the DeltaQuad Pro

Aviant performs longest ever drone flight in Norway with the DeltaQuad Pro


Last week the DeltaQuad Pro set records in Norway, as Aviant – a start-up that operates drones for medical transportation – succeeded in transporting blood samples between two Norwegian hospitals that are over 120KM apart.

Aviant saw an opportunity to plan this flight with the new European regulations that took effect as of 1 January 2021 and succeeded in planning and performing this mission with Vertical Technologies DeltaQuad Pro. It’s an important milestone for the drone industry because compliance with authorities when planning long-distance flights has proven to be difficult without a pilot in line of sight.

Aviant’s mission is to reinvent healthcare transportation by automating the transport of critical supplies and samples between hospitals. By doing this medical care becomes safer, more reliable and more effective. This use-case should inspire other organizations in Europe to continue to build innovative solutions with drones. It seems like a matter of time before these kind of use-cases are utilized on a daily basis across Europe and we are excited to be a part of this future.

The DeltaQuad Pro is an industrial grade Vertical Takeoff and Land (VTOL) fixed wing UAV. It employs a wide range of unique capabilities. This fully electric vehicle can be easily controlled from a tablet or laptop. It can take-off and land just about anywhere and can do so completely autonomously.

With the DeltaQuad Pro, we were able to start advanced operational tests from day one. With a robust vehicle and a supportive technology team, VerticalTechnologies offers one of the easiest to use VTOL vehicles out there, at an incredible price range.

– Bernhard Paus Graesdal, Co-Founder of Aviant